Capacity Development

Investment Planning Capacity (Cross Cutting)

  1. Institutional arrangement
  2. Multistakeholder engagement
  3. Monitoring and reporting

Translating an NDC into investment-ready projects is a long process, demanding significant capacities, financial resources and strong coordination. Critical elements include strong institutional arrangements, robust multi-stakeholder engagement plans, and monitoring and reporting.

Through the Partnership, countries receive guidance and mobilize support to strengthen their institutional arrangements and build capacity and expertise to navigate all stages of the investment planning process. Clear, predicable and inclusive working groups, committees, or task forces allow the right stakeholders to engage at the right times in shaping and implementing climate investment decisions.

Strong institutional arrangements are critical to foster whole-of-government and whole-of-society engagement and commitment. Ambitious climate action requires the innovation that results from multiple perspectives and aligning diverse stakeholders to promote a just, low-carbon, and climate-resilient development pathway. The Partnership supports our members to engage the whole-of-society, through multi-stakeholder effort to shift how investments are identified, prepared, and financed. Such engagement can focus on opportunities for the private sector to support NDC investment planning, innovative financial solutions, investment models and public-private partnership frameworks for developing and financing NDC-projects.

Multi-stakeholder efforts are especially critical in enabling countries to mainstream climate change into sectoral or subnational development plans, public financial and investment management, economic and fiscal policies, and other core processes used to guide the allocation of financial resources.  For instance, the Partnership provides dedicated support to governments, central banks, financial regulators, and other key stakeholders in integrating climate change risks and opportunities into their mandates and tools. This support helps Central banks and financial supervisors to mainstream climate targets and priorities into their existing mandates.

Instruments for monitoring and reporting are essential to track and assess progress and impact and provide invaluable insights to inform continuous improvements to climate finance mobilization and climate ambition. The Partnership supports countries in all components of MRV systems, from early-stage design to data collection systems, reporting frameworks, and processes that allow analysis and dissemination of information to inform continuous improvement.

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Investment Needs Identification And Prioritization

Optimizing Resources, Transforming Climates.

Through the prioritization of investments and supporting activities, resources can be optimized and channeled into areas with clear climate rationale, transformational impact, and alignment with national development priorities.

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